Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Surprises around the yard

The first was that birds got to 4 of those last dozen apricots on the tree. Hope they're fat and singing!

Early this morning I found a late calla lily. I forgot to turn off the flash for the first photo but it came out nicer than the next four I took.

Then, in procrastination over homework (Can you imagine?) I took photos of a few late Santolinas.

More of the same task but with the roses.

And lastly, the surprise that I'm weepy a bit about Mom's birthday anniversary coming up. I don't want to be but there you go. Adding to my drama for the week is the workshop inservice I'm taking. Everything seems to remind me of the children I used to have in the program that is gone. I miss the me of that era, the speech therapy, the littleness of the children, and the other schools and staff where I was. I can reframe that loss in terms of grief and mourning and find that I'm no where near over the loss. It's somewhat worse than Mom's death in that the loss of that class and program was and is senseless.

As I posted on a forum of dear friends, "It's been a cussin' kind of day".

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