Monday, June 8, 2009


There was a season in the church some years ago when abundance was celebrated and even coveted. I remember thinking celebrating was good but some of this craving for abundance is missing the point.

I didn't do anything to get another monstrous harvest of apricots. The tree was planted by someone else. God designed it and ordains it's form and function. I get the benefit-well my friends and family do. I take great delight in it's abundance but I don't like fresh apricots. But, oh how my family, friends, and neighbors love these fruits. The joy of this abundance is in the sharing and giving. Tada! Lesson for the day. No preaching needed.

Ok, but then there's the grousing. I didn't really grouse this morning about the apricots but I did get to a point of frustration while spending 90 minutes picking. "God, must you bless me so hard?" LOL! I immediately laughed and got back to picking and enjoying.

Today's tally 19 dozen with maybe about that many still on the tree. I took about 13 dozen to family this weekend. Days like today I wish I'd kept a running total for the past five years. I do know this has been a small harvest.

This photo is from last year. It's one of four showing every counter surface, the dining room table, and a card table covered in apricots.

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