Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Upward Spiral

It seems to me that my brain is revisiting grief moments. But something is different. While the memories are no less intense my reaction to them is more controllable. I am finding it easier to revisit some things-most of the time. There are still moments and memories that take me back into raw grief. I am learning not to stay there. At the same time the quantity of memories threatens to overwhelm me at times. Getting busy helps. Living in the present helps.

I remembered the term my friends shared after H. Norman Wright spoke at my church. Stabilize. They relayed his thoughts and recent experience that although the grief never goes away our reactions to it stabilize. I have 2 of his books on order.

The pink Calla Lily is up to seven flowers. Here's the latest:

It's a much more delicate pink that the first few. Lovely.


  1. ((((((((HUGS)))))))

    I know this feeling ALL to well!

  2. Yes, I bet. I think you'd like these books.


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