Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring Rain

A soft, warm rain is falling. It was spitty and dusty earlier. This should keep the dust down for the rest of the weekend. It's Relay for Life. They don't need to be walking in the dust.

I'm enjoying having things on an even keel. State testing is over at school and I have no more IEPs. I don't cry so much at church. I do think of mom often. I have a few friends whose mom's are not well or have recently died. I just hug them and tell them, "I know." They'll call if they need me and I'll keep checking in with them.

Last night was my nephew's jazz vocal ensemble's concert, his last with them. They were marvelous. I so enjoyed every piece they presented. Several stood out but I got the feeling that what stood out for one audience member wouldn't be the same for the next. I love that. I'm so happy I took the time to be there.

The amaryllis show isn't quite over. Here are today's photos:

Bloom of the Day:

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