Friday, May 15, 2009

8 days and counting

Finally! I took a macro photo and it came out the way I wanted it! And yes, it's more Lavender Cotton. If you want to see how cool this little flower is click on the photo and see it on your full screen. It's amazing, gorgeous, and beautiful. When I look at something like this my heart knows it's Creator.

We have 8 days left in the school year. It's been such a relaxed ending. I'm even having time to think about next year and talk to my assistants about how we want things to be.

I'm in avoidance about "mom stuff" or "grief stuff". I do find myself not wanting to be with groups of people with whom I'm "close". I'm not going to Bible study, either of them. I don't want the intimate conversation about my life or other's lives. I still go to choir and bell choir and am enjoying them quite a bit. Conversations, while loving, are lighter. I'm guessing this is another phase in the grief walk.

I did have a lot of input for a friend whose mother is getting pressure sores. All of my experiences with mom are not going to waste! At the same time I can hardly stand to hear about other elderlies who are having a tough time. Though, the tougher stories to hear are the dementia stories. Makes me think of Dad in a sad way. I'm not wanting to be sad about Dad.

Although his dementia is progressing and his personality is changing he's a bit more, hmm, fun right now. He's more childlike and enjoys being in an experience. He's not completely childlike or dependent but it's a definate change. I bet the loss of sophisticated thought and action is frustrating and sad for his dear wife. I need to remember to call more often.

And, to close, I think this is my best Santolina picture to date:

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