Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh my.

We had our usual Thursday lunch, a friend and I. As we were leaving and she was talking about her mother-in-law and husband, who are both ill, I encouraged her to contact Hospice. It might be too early but they will assess for her and let her know. She needs more help. She needs professionals to go to bat for her loved ones and to make their days easier.

So, we say good-bye. I hop in my car and promptly dissolve in tears. Everything from Mom's last three weeks, from Christmas to starting hospice to the night before she died when she was jello in our arms, came flooding back. Such treasured and difficult days. Such grief.

It's a good thing I had to get back to work or I may have sat and sobbed for more than a few minutes. Oh my.

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  1. Your relationship with your mom sounds very similar to me with mine. She is my world! We do everything together and now live next door to each other also. My worst fear is that one day I will face life without her, which I know is probable since she is older than me. I feel for your deep grief. How wonderful and inspirational though the relationship that you and she shared.

  2. May she be with you for many years. A number of friends have lost parents this year. One of those parts of life that takes a community to live through and beyond.


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