Saturday, May 23, 2009


Or picking at scabs?

I started this blog as a way to keep track of my thoughts and feelings about Mom's death. I think it's been useful so far. And, I like seeing what gathers my attention. But, I somehow got sidetracked during church this evening and was thinking about the usefulness of reviewing the past (not so off track considering it was the point of the message-just not in the way I was thinking about it).

Is the process of recounting this last year as I did recently helpful or just pickin' at scabs? I was quite amazed at how fresh and intense some of my feelings and reactions were just to write it all down. Maybe it's time to read a book or two by H. Norman Wright. I certainly wasn't ready two weeks after Mom died. Maybe I am now.

This evening I was thinking more that all of this could get into "pickin" territory or wallowing if I wasn't careful.

My pink calla lilies put up a new flower today. I'm delighted. View from the top. I would have had to crawl around a tree to get the nicest side.

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