Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I am so looking forward to the next two weeks being finished. Once again I have IEPs or staff meetings almost everyday this week. On Thursday both! I'm not planning on making the staff meeting. ;*P

We had an eventful weekend. Sister C found my favorite study Bible that I had misplaced. We both worked the choir's e-recycling event. She found my kitchen while I went to Bible class-Yay! We ate out twice, church, naps. C set up the Wii! Then we laughed really hard trying to do the Wii play games.

On Monday I remembered that playing the big bells (5th octave, Shulmerich handbells) is exhausting. What a workout! I'm thinking I should focus on the strength training games in the Wii. How did I forget? I seem to be the rehearsal sub. If someone else in bell choir is absent it often helps to fill in the missing part for a length of time. Monday was the first time in 4 weeks that I've played my part. And a lovely part it is.

These are the blooms from a little aloe plant living in a little pot outside the front door:
Blossom Photo of the day:

I've been having trouble taking photos of the apricot blossoms using the macro setting. The camera likes to focus on the background or the twigs. The little barely opening blossom on the bottom is one of the best photos recently.

I'm glad Mom's faith is not only reflected in her grave marker but in her life markers. She raised 4 children in faith who are raising 4 grandchildren. Countless more family, friends, and co-workers mark her life.

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