Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Long, Long Day

Current IEP tally: One down-two weeks late (NOT MY FAULT!), two IEPs, two intials, and one amendment meeting. Goal: finish them all before spring break. And then, maybe sleep for a couple days.

Today's meeting was a bit challenging. The family moved and didn't tell the school. Neither did they give a working phone number. Many, many people have worked hard to find the family. I finally today stayed until 5:30 to waylay the mom picking her son up from the afterschool program. She was surprised but agreeable to going over the paperwork. At 15 minutes it was one of my fastest meetings. whew.

I wouldn't call this Photo of the Day material but it is the prettiest thing in my yard right now. Just a foot or so over are a half dozen more a few days from blooming. I like the two shades of purple and the white fuzzy "beards".

I'm looking forward to Mom's grave marker being completed and installed. I'm hoping by Easter. It will be her final earthly Alleluia! He is Risen! Well, ok, not final, it will greet anyone who stops and reads it. I'm also thinking that having used this traditional Easter greeting I might feel a bit more sad than I might have as Holy Week progresses and Easter Sunday approaches. We shall see.

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