Sunday, March 1, 2009

Blooming on an Old Distressed Tree

It's a wonder to me that the Apricot Tree is blossoming this year. I thought there would be only a few but now there are dozens. If that tree isn't careful there will be a profusion. It's always been a good producer.

So why, if an apricot tree can be witness to God's glory when it seems old and ill can not also a person. She can, mom was.

Today in church the topic was suffer well. The point was that we know suffering of one kind or another will come-prepare for it. In Bible class we wondered what that might look like and decided that remaining in God's Word, holding steadfast in prayer, and continuing in fellowship were the tools we had to be prepared.

In in the end our sufferings are nothing compared to the final goal of our Salvation. God is but using difficult times to bring us closer to him.

Quite a morning.

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