Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mayhem of Branches

After dozens of photos of the purple leaf plum and apricot tree I'm deciding that I'm feeling like the apricot tree looks. It's still a mayhem of stick-like branches rather than a profusion of blossoms or a covering of newly budded leaves. Most of my apricot photos are taken in the early evening so many of them are greyish except for the sparse scattering of pink and white blossoms.

There is beauty in my day to day. There are blossoms of friends at every turn. But, I'm more like the mayhem of stick-like branches of the apricot tree than the profusion of pink blooms on the purple leaf.

And, because there is joy in blossoms, the blossom photo of the day:


  1. These are great shots! I need you to come to DC to take some shots of the Cherry Blossoms for me! ;o)

  2. What a fun trip that would be! Set your camera on macro, try to be still, take a LOT of photos, and then edit the photos a bit. ;*D

  3. GORGEOUS! You have quite an eye!


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