Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Purple is Spring

I can see the light at the end of the IEP tunnel. These IEPs have been flying past as if I'm looking out the window of a fast moving train. I have two, count them, please, two left for this year. This does not count the two that are not really my responsibility. The SLP I'm covering for will be back TUESDAY of next week. Yippee! I love doing her job but I feel guilty that the kids in my class have been shorted my time. I won't make her finish the two that I've started but since she'll be back she can make caseload decisions.

I called the cemetary and checked on the marker this afternoon. I think they forgot to send it after C and I were there two Saturdays ago. The call back was that they had faxed the request to the stonemason and he should have the proof back tomorrow. Hmm, they did not say when they faxed it. I'm gonna guess a few minutes after my call. Hopefully I'll know tomorrow if the stonemason will do the design we've chosen.

Early spring is warming into true spring. Most of the fruit trees are losing their blooms. The ornamentals are mostly finished, too. I bought flowers for one of my front porch pots. And, I have Iris!

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