Sunday, March 15, 2009

Very Musical

It's been a musical and churchy weekend. Saturday was the Sr. Choir's 1 day "get ready for Holy Week and Easter" sing-a-thon. It didn't feel too long. We learned some new pieces and put a little polish on some old favorites. We started at 8:45 a.m. and went until 2 p.m with lunch and couple breaks.

I still don't know where to be for Easter Sunday. I usually go to my sister's home but now that I don't have Mom I have too many choices. I'm leaning hard toward staying here. I have a feeling that will make Holy Week and Easter a cry-fest. I reserve the right to lean somewhere else if it gets overwhelming. Mom and I counted Palm Sunday as the anniversary of her moving in day.

Another friend's father passed away this weekend. I didn't know him but I'm sad for her and her family.

Today has been a bit on the crazy side church musician-wise. The friend above is our choir accompianist and fellow alto. Since she couldn't be with us this morning the director became the accompianst and another talented choir member became the director. (It is what he does for a living. We're blessed he chooses to sing with us. It helps that he grew up here!)

It actually started last night. We have a Jr. High age bell ringer in our bell choir. He didn't show up for our scheduled ringing in church for Saturday service. We did find him but too late to include him. The choir director was already subbing for us so I gave up my bells and rang a different part so that we didn't have a "hole". Then on Sunday morning another ringer had a commitment at another church and couldn't stay to the end of 2nd service (which was running late). So we grabbed the vocal choir's substitute director and he played the part I had been playing and I went and rang another part. 3 subs...maybe we should have quit earlier in the service. And Yay! for that last fellow subbing in. He had never actually rang before. Had I known that I would have recommended asking his mom or dad, both have rung before and were present!

Workshop and 3 services made for a long weekend. I came home from church and slept for 3 hours! Now it's on to the ordinary tasks of taking care of the house and getting ready for the week. Oh, and get back to Wii!

Blossoms are fading but still pretty. The ornamental pear in my backyard is raining petals. It looks like a very light snow has fallen. I thought it would be more clear in the photo, oh well.

Today's Blossom Photo of the Day is from the branch of the neighbor's Nectarine peeking through the fence. I'm going to have to find a way to water that tree so I can have the fruit that will be growing on my side of the fence!

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