Monday, October 12, 2009

Just when you think you're doing so well.....

I had a wonderful weekend with sis. She came over to help clean some more out of Mom's room. We cleaned out bathroom cupboards and then tackled some boxes. What a treasure trove. We found picture albums, appliance manuals (Mom kept them all), and the most interesting-papers and photos from early in Dad's career. Sis took a stack of photos to make copies for us and brothers and for Dad and his wife.

I thought we did pretty good. We didn't get too nostalgic and I didn't feel sad. Until this morning when driving to work. Something made me think of Mom and I had a small meltdown. I'm sure this is reasonable and to be expected but it did surprise me.

Not the best Dad picture but he always makes a face somehow when he's getting his picture snapped.

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