Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Fine Fall Day

I met sis in Ventura today and we enjoyed a couple hours at the Harvest Craft Festival. Many fine crafters had displays that filled three buildings. I enjoyed walking, looking, and chatting. We both had a lot of thoughts about presents for our Christmas Elf gifts but for all that we didn't buy very much.

After lunch at a Thai/Peruvian restaurant (we went Thai) Sis went on to Lancaster to visit with family and I stayed a couple hours to visit the San Bonaventura Mission. It's one of the smallest in the California Mission system. I'm hoping I have enough material so that my students can do their 4th grade report on this mission. One of my goals this year is to design a report format and gather materials that are suitable to my student's abilities rather than making all of us plow through the high level of materials we saw used last year.

The drive home was beautiful. Fall is splendid in California's own quiet way. There was only a little traffic and few crazy drivers. I noticed a lack of big trucks that made freeway transitions so much easier than usual.

Mission San Bonaventura

Just after Gorman heading North on I5. My photo doesn't do the golden color of the mountain side any justice.

Sis brought these chrysanthemums last weekend. They are the similar in color to Mom's grown outside our backdoor when we were small. Mom's were the same color family but in a lighter least in my memory.

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