Sunday, October 18, 2009

The End (of the book) Nears

Sort of. I don't want to read chapter 24. It's Saying Good-bye to Grief. I don't want to finish it-not because of the subject matter but because I had enjoyed reading, thinking, and writing.

I guess I should look about for another book that makes or helps me think and do this again. I do feel the end of this blog coming. I'm a bit sad and a bit glad.

The very last chapter is Trauma-The Deepest Wound. I've skimmed the chapter and I don't think I need to read it closely or respond to it. So, Chapter 24 really will be the last chapter. sighs

These roses are at the side of the house visible from the street. They are a very rich deep red. Quite pretty....until you get up close. I don't know if the bush has powdery mildew or something else or if it's just that rose. At any rate they are striking to see from the street.

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