Monday, August 17, 2009

Tipping the balance

I'm realizing that I'm living less and less in grief and moments of grief. I have more and more flashes of insight that I'm happy. I'm sure this will be stressed and distorted once work starts but I'm so glad to be here. I never thought it wouldn't come but I'm a little bit surprised that living with grief is starting to turn towards renewal.

I'm also seeing more and more the cyclical or spiral nature of all the aspects of grief things that trouble me much and things that trouble me only a bit. I recognize more quickly what sets off bouts of tears and can put the memories and feelings into perspective. Most of the time anyway!

I still have 5 chapters left in "Experiencing Grief" but I feel less rushed to finish before summer is over. Good thing. Work starts Wednesday and I'll be going out Monday and Tuesday to get a sense of what needs to be done first.

I've had my niece and nephew visiting for most of a week. We went to visit my sister this weekend and went to the Natural History Museum. They have a "Butterflies Alive" exhibit. Good thing sis was there because the kids tired of the butterflies long before I did. She took them through the other rooms and wings of exhibits.

This is a type of "sulfur" butterfly. I'll have to look up the exact type. (and spelling)

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