Tuesday, August 4, 2009


That's a vacation! I had a marvelous time visiting a friend and her children in Oregon. I had plenty of "I" time. And we found several yarn shops and a fiber arts center. We went places, did fun activities, enjoyed hangin' around. Cool!

As the vacation began to wind down I started thinking about what I could do at home to have a more restful and refuge-like home. A lot has to do with lack of clutter. It's more than time to go through the house and get rid of things. Some has to do with enjoying meals. We ate out a lot but I also had simple and satisfying meals in the hotel room (fridge, microwave). It's time to not just clean out the refrigerator at home but to get back to planning, doing a little cooking, and making time for meals with friends. And, some of the joy of being in the hotel was guilt free knitting time. I'm thinking if the house is in order I won't be "putting off" housework to knit. Hopefully maintaining order will be less work than rescuing myself from chaos.

Fingerless gloves. My new favorite project.

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