Saturday, August 22, 2009

Capturing Memories.....

I've been wondering what I'll do when I feel "finished" with the bulk of grief. What happens to this blog. Do I close it but let it stand? Do I print it out and delete it? Neither!

Chapter 19 is about Capturing the Memories. Fading memories of a loved one can cause anxiety and fuel grief for some people. I don't feel that way. I don't think 50 years of being loved by your mom fade too quickly.

On the other hand I love the idea of writing my Mom-Memories here. So at some point in the future I'll convert this blog to Mom Memories rather than things mostly about grief with knitting, flowers and work thrown in for good measure. I think the flowers are about mom.

The author relates a story about a man who decided to write down 1000 things about his wife. He called his collection 1000-One Liners. I like the idea of writing down a slip of a memory or a longer story. At that point I think I'll be able to share all of this w/family. Haven't done that yet.

At that point I think I'll open a second blog for me and my stuff. I feel better! I see the end of this blog in it's current incarnation and haven't seen what to do next.

Such a helpful little book!

More photo fun-click on the photo: There's a reddish caterpillar or worm on the center of the front flower.

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