Thursday, July 23, 2009

What do I do?

with my emotions, answers the author. Chapter 15 of Experiencing Grief by H. Norman Wright.

I have asked What do I do with all of these changing, at times frustrating, at times overwhelming, and the occasional new feelings. The first piece of advice is to meet them. Look each in the face. I think the point is that denying and bottling feelings is bad and that talking about them helps. I'd revise that to thinking them over helps. If I'm being serious and honest as I read that's what I'm doing. Writing about them keeps me accountable to keep reading and thinking.

For me, this processing of grief has been both an exercise in knowing myself better and knowing God better. I don't often think about my relationship with God in a feeling type of way. Grief has opened that up a bit for me. I'm learning a place and a way to have feelings especially feelings I don't particularly like.

The chapter continues in advice to be open and honest with the people around you about what you're experiencing. Ummm, I don't think so. With some, yes. But in general I don't want to live in grief with the people around me. I don't want to be "the grieving person". I want my grief and sorrow to be a part of who I am, for now, not who I am in the now. I'd prefer that tears not be a big deal but they are and we get past it.

The chapter ends with a jumbled ball of emotions analogy. That was more true in February but I couldn't have read this far then. So, my answer to the jumbled ball of emotions is, "Knit Something".

These are the first two scarf/hat sets I'm finally getting done for the pre-holiday bell choir fundraiser. The first should be finished today. The set from the second photo was finished Monday. If I have the time I can do a hat in about 90 minutes start to finish. A scarf takes 3-5 hours. I might get quicker with the next few. I'm hoping to have 5 sets before school starts.

edited to replace last photo with a better one

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