Saturday, July 11, 2009


Note to self: Do NOT do back to back weeks away from home. You need way more recharge time than 20 hours. ;*P

New Mexico was marvelous. I'm sure I'll be going back. The camping trip was ok but I was too exhausted to even try to enjoy myself. I hope I was kind and pleasant. I know I wasn't cranky-more quiet. Hope it came off that way.

Things I liked about camping: being with family, meeting brother's long time friends, good conversations with very nice, sweet people, reading a lot.

Things I did not like about camping: being overtired from not sleeping well in a tent, not being in good enough physical shape to enjoy the area-though that didn't stop me in NM, living on the group's schedule, it really was filthy-a little, ok, dirt in everything-no. Ok, done whining.


I had nearly forgotten to take pictures! This is just before leaving. It's a little fingerling area off the main lake.

This is a few miles down the road on the way out of the mountains.

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