Friday, July 17, 2009

Chapter 14 Will the Sadness Ever Go Away?

I've been impatient with this chapter. It starts off with sadness, depression, and despair and proceeds to spend most of the chapter on depression. Sadly for me I know the difference between sadness and depression. Happily for me I'm not in a depression. It took the 3rd read wondering why this chapter wasn't clicking for me to realize how much of the chapter was taken up with depression. I'm sure for some it's very necessary reading.

What I'm taking out of this chapter is the idea of another face of God. It's been covered before in this book and a multitude of lessons before. I have renewed understanding that I can sit with God and be sad. I don't need to be in throes of grief for it to matter. "Be still" doesn't negate emotion it allows me to be in my current state of sadness. "Quiet waters" doesn't mean I am yet quiet. I have a place to be present to find rest in spite of or because of sadness.

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