Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oh gosh

It's almost been another week. I was hoping to read another chapter and have something to write. I'm on day 9 of migraines. 3 meds later and they still are not solved.

I have been knitting. During the day I can knit quietly on the couch with a very simple pattern.

This is a "necklace scarf". It's a very quick and easy knit on one of my smallest looms.

And another in black:

And, the one started this afternoon in "stained glass":

I have two more colors to try. If I can't read and think at least I can knit something simple.


  1. Sorry to hear that you are suffering from migraines! I hope you find the right med. Mine lasted for over 6 months. I tried Topamax but that had bad side effects, then I went on Amitriptyline and that has been much better. I hope you find something that helps.

    Love those scarves!Have you thought about selling them?

  2. Yeah, migraines, miserable. I had one today and took my old favorite and it worked. I need to get my doc to do a pre-authorization. When I get weeks like last my doc usually prescribes Frova and prednisone. We were trying new meds but next time I'll ask for my old faithful rememdies. A good friend did well on Topamax for a long while.

    Scarves, thanks! I'm planning several to go for our bell choir fall fundraiser. The last one in the photos is finished and set aside for a gift. I have another of the same color started for another gift. Selling is too complicated. When someone asks if they can buy something I've made I ask them to make a donation to the bell choir or the rescue mission. I leave it up to them to follow through!


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