Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Party Tax Day

I considered going to the tea party downtown but decided not to go. By 4:30 the radio show I had on was reporting 1200 and growing by the minute. Too much crowd for me.

In honor of Tea Party Tax Day-a (hybrid) Tea rose:

I feel funny getting back in the work routine. It seems like it must be end of year by now. I'm down to 2 IEPs to go. They're coming along slowly. I feel disconnected from these two because I'm no longer working with the two children whose paperwork I'm working on.

Odd week at church, too. Choir always takes off the week after Easter. I do enjoy not having rehearsal but that means only 4-6 rehearsals left this spring before we break for the summer. I never like that.

I'm trying to plan some trips for this summer. On my "would like" list: visit TX, NM, AZ. I think I may have figured a way. If I fly to TX I can rent a car there and make my way back to CA visiting people and places along the way. Then will be my nephew's college graduation/birthday/bon voyage party. After that my sister and I have talked about taking an Alaska cruise. Shaver Lake camping with a brother and family are the week after that. And, I'm hoping by end of summer to visit again with a friend in OR.

It will be fun to see which of those ends up in the final plan!

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