Sunday, April 5, 2009

Palm Sunday

I think I blinked and last week went by. I was fighting a bug and I slept a lot in the evenings and then went to bed. I have more energy now-if I get a good night's sleep. No sleep and all bets are off.

Yesterday I had a lovely day. I drove from Gorman to Lancaster looking for wildflowers. The desert does not disappoint. I had moment in Gorman remembering driving Mom, Verne, and Hugh on a wildflower drive but it quickly passed.

Today was difficult. I thought it might be but didn't know how. I was ok until prayer time when Pastor mentioned all the families mourning loved ones this week. I'm minorly unglued. We do, after all, have one more bell piece and one more choir piece before service is over. The harder part was after church. I casually mentioned to a friend that this was an anniversary and then promptly burst into tears. This would have been 5 years since Mom moved in with me. A choir friend remembered a few minutes later and gave me a good hug and a sweet word.

A new loom arrived this week. I ordered a prayer shawl loom from DAlooms. This loom is beautiful. It's made of birch and the finish is satin in my hands. The loom is light weight and just about the right size to hold on my lap. I expected the pegs to be further apart than they are. I'm trying it out with a cottom ombre yarn in pastel colors.

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