Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wondering Why

Not in the sense of, "Why did Mom die." It was time, it was good, it is good. She is with Jesus!

It's not an obsessive thing but lately I keep having thoughts pop up about why I did certain things the way I did. They made sense in the moment but would I do it again in that manner? I think of things like hauling Mom along to choir for so long. Would I stay home from choir or something else if I had to do it again? I needed choir and could rarely find someone to stay with Mom but the thought still pops up. Little bits of flotsam and jetsam making their way through my mind.

Thanksgiving was not at all difficult in terms of thinking of Mom or remembering Mom. We didn't talk about Mom but we don't need to.

Flower photo-I still have roses in my back yard:

You've got to love trees that change color in fall:

And, can you believe I'm up to 11 days in my 365 days of Thankfulness blog? I argued with myself a couple of times but in the end found my thankfulness.

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