Monday, November 9, 2009


And some rest, I think.

The last week and a half was busy at work. Flurries of meetings, flurries of paperwork, flurries of to do lists and preparations. I had the usual work plus the work of getting two days ready for a sub. I'm sure most teachers think it's more work getting ready for a sub than almost anything else.

Then, Thursday was Sis' surgery for breast cancer. The surgeon says the partial mastectomy went well. Sis is doing well recovering from surgery and waiting for the next step. She'll know Wednesday whether the surgeon removed all of the tumor and if the area has clean margins. Then she'll get her referral to an oncologist and will know what happens next. She's expecting radiation and hoping for no chemo.

I was able to spend the last four days with Sis and her husband. All in all they and everyone else are handling the scariness of cancer well. Lots of prayer, lots of well wishes, a shower of cards and phone calls. Sis had trouble sleeping after the surgery. It was mostly not being able to get and stay comfortable but some influence of pain meds.

Our younger brother had t-shirts made. Here are me and Sis with me in my "Team Cindy" shirt.

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  1. Nice shirts and nice picture! Continue to get well, Cindy!


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