Friday, February 27, 2009

Things to Do when you don't want to go home

1. Buy new sneakers. Now maybe I won't squeak when I walk.
2. Go to Target to exchange blue jeans. Oops, no receipt in hand. Sit in car deciding if you really want to eat out. No, not really.
3. Put gas in the car. It's gonna need gas anyway, right?

I sure didn't want to go home tonight. I'm glad I did. I arrived home just at sunset and took more photos of blossoms. Yes, more. They were so pretty in the sunset lighting.

Thank goodness my sister called to make sure I went out and saw the Moon and Venus. Pretty. Her call reminded me that it was knitting night! Yay! I could not be at home for a while longer!

I am glad to have gotten out and enjoyed friend's company this evening.

Today's Blossom Photo of the Day:

And the Runner up for Blossom Photo of the Day:

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